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NEW! SKYWAY� 4 Inch Universal Wheel

Offers Numerous Tire & Hub Options Skyway has added a new 4 inch universal wheel to their line of composite wheels. The new wheel accepts a multitude of pneumatic and non-pneumatic urethane tires in the following sizes: 10x3(3.00-4) (2.60-85), 9x3.50-4, 2.80-2.50-4, 2.50-4 and 4.10-3.50-4.

The 4 inch wheel is built in two halfs that bolt securely together making wheel assembly and tire maintenance quick and simple. Numerous interchangeable standard and keyway hub options are available and SKYWAY will manufacture hubs with custom specifications if required. Like all American made SKYWAY wheels, the new 4 inch wheel will stay true and is non- corrosive providing years of maintenance-free service.


12.5" Tuffwheel


14" Tuffwheel


16" Tuffwheel


18" Tuffwheel


20" UT Tuffwheel


20" Tuffwheel


20" Tuffwheel III


24" Tuffwheel

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