Wheel Accessories

Skyway carries a complete line of accessories. Please contact Skyway to discuss your specific needs.


Shown Above: Our revolutionary new PushRing tire that saves you time and money.
This is just one of many accesories that Skyway offers for Wheelchairs.


NEW Skyway Tee Shirts are available!!
Brand new Skyway tee shirts come in a variety of sizes.
For more information please contact Skyway for details.


Skyway offers a range of replacement axles, bearings, and other accessories. Now available: replacement stickers for our renowned Skyway T/A BMX racing frame. Please contact Skyway for details.


Shown Above: Skyway Tuff Pads.
New and improved braking power for bicycle Tuffwheels.


Shown Above: replacement bearings, wheelchair rails, and dome hubcaps.
These are just a few accessories that we offer for Wheelchairs.


Shown Above: the Skyway Dome Hubcap


Shown Above: SKYWAY Bartenders.
Bartenders are the ergonomic solution for comfort, control and strength when moving wheelchairs. BarTenders feature quick-releases for easy mounting, and positioning for folding wheelchairs. Patented BarTenders are available in black or silver. Bartenders fit all standard 7/8ths and 1 inch wheelchair handles.


The classic Skyway logo is available on the stickers shown here.

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