Tuff Wheels are available in a number of sizes, each designed to incorporate standardized hub and tire configurations found throughout the wheel industry. All Skyway wheels, from 4" casters to our newest 24" wheels, are built to accommodate pneumatic or non-pneumatic tires, as well as precision or flanged bearings of various sizes. Whether you require modification of an existing hub, or the manufacture of a specific tool to suit your needs, Skyway's extensive in-house machine shop stands ready to assist you.

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Skyway Accessories -

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BEAD-LOK® Wheels

Bead-Lok wheels are perfect for robotitcs, material handling, and mobility devices. Sizes from 8.5" x 2" to 10.5" x 3".

Bicycle Wheels

Ride the new versions of Classic BMX Tuffwheels with numerous hub options from 12.5" to 24" Cruiser Tuffwheels.

Caster Wheels

Typical wheelchair caster wheels with pneumatic or maintenance-free tires from 4"x1" to 8"x2.75".

Utility Wheels

Lawn and garden, industrial, or on the boat docks Skyway Tuffwheels meet the demands of your application with years of service.

Wheelchair Wheels

Skyway is the lead manufacturer and designers of the wheels that move the wheelchair industry.

Standard Hubs

Skyway can manufacture exact hubs to meet your precise needs. Volume orders only please.



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